Data Matching Services

Data matching services help sales and marketing teams verify and update their customer databases. As time passes, customers might have moved their homes, changed jobs or even retired. So, their mailing information is bound to become inaccurate. The Data Matching Services from Leo Data Services lets advertising teams update and scrub their databases. This is required in today’s competitive world of multichannel marketing. Moreover, our Data Matching Solutions create categories in existing marketing databases. These divide the user’s information according to industry, revenue as well as size. This additionally helps promoters to know popular products or service and only showcase those. By advocating such a selective approach, our services ensure marketers of enhanced lead retention, lead conversion together with higher ROI. So, avail our Data Matching service and realize all of your marketing goals.

Data Matching Services

Leo Data Services

Why Choose Data Matching Services from Leo Data Services?

At Leo Data Services, our data team knows the value of investable marketing intelligence. In order for a promotional drive to succeed and attract a greater number of customers, marketers need the latest information. We undertake extensive appending, verification as well as deduplication to ensure up-to-date user information. So, join us and watch as all of your marketing campaigns come to fruition. We help you consolidate your promotional efforts and earn good ROI.

Our services provide:

First name, last name, postal address, fax, telephone no., company name, company address, employee details, zip code, city, state, country.

Our Data Matching Services Include


Features of our Data Matching Services

  • Accurate customer information together with up-to-date addresses
  • Data-rich
  • Affordable
  • Contains categories for each type of industry and customer
  • Very user-friendly
  • Deduplicated to avoid redundancy


Source of our customer details

  • Government contracts and registrations
  • Internet subscription
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Yellow pages in addition to social media
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